Medical Ecosystem Product Design

An enhanced product design ecosystem for those suffering with IBD and the doctors that treat them.

In order to help SonarMD better help IBD patients and practices, we enhanced their digital presence and brand positioning to make their experience more user-friendly and effective.

The Project Team

This project was completed at ZoCo Design.

Josh Walz, Lead Product Designer

Jack McDermott Sweeney, Product Designer

Gianna Goodale, Product Designer
Ellie Koewler, Client Engagement

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The SonarMD Brand needed to be applied to two very different audiences.

The visual language had to be engaging and personality-driven for consumer audiences, and highly scannable and efficient for medical professionals.

The patient experience allows users to report their symptoms.

Patients with irritable bowel disease can experience sudden flare-ups that wind them up in the hospital. SonarMD's patient experience allows users to self-assess weekly while Sonar's product relays early indicators of a flare-up to their doctor to prevent hospital visits.

The practice experience relays symptoms to the patient's doctor.

When SonarMD reports a potential flare-up, the practice portal prioritizes the incoming patients and gives them one place to take notes, build context, and keep a communication log with SonarMD and the patient.

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An expansive design system library allows SonarMD to iterate long-term as their company expands.

The design system included multiple nested libraries in Figma in order to allow for maximum extensibility across their different products, audiences, and platforms that they would develop for.

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