Employee Check-in Native App Design

An improved daily check-in experience for employees and supervisors in organizations.

SigBee is a product that surveys employees daily on their attitude, and mindset toward the day. We conducted surveys, qualitative interviews, heuristics audits, and weekly sprints to improve the product experience with SigBee’s engineering team and product management.

The Project Team

This project was completed at ZoCo Design.

Josh Walz, Project Oversight & Product Design
Jack McDermott-Sweeney, Lead Product Designer

Anna Klatt, Lead Researcher

Ellie Koewler, Client Engagement

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Research uncovered pain points between supervisors and employees that used SigBee.

After conducting qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys with various customers of the SigBee app, we uncovered some key opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Employees are afraid of who can see their feedback.

Supervisors don’t want to be a “therapist.”

Employees don’t understand the daily questions.

Supervisors are too busy to check in daily.

Supervisors don’t use the app because employees don’t use it. Meanwhile, employees don’t use it because supervisors don’t use it. Neither user sees enough value to use the product and break the cycle.

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Weekly sprints with engineers and product management led to a new check-in app experience.

In order to grow employee adoption we lowered the interaction cost of using the app. Now employees will be prompted daily with fewer questions with fewer interactions.

Additional ideas included recommendation algorithms based on their daily check-in results.

To help employees see value in the product without the need for direct supervisor intervention, an idea was proposed to recommend different styles of reading, meditation, and music depending on their daily check-in.

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A new visual language and light design system was developed to ensure consistency and longevity.

Because SigBee was an early-stage startup, we wanted to ensure that they would be able to stand up their product—even without a designer. So we established design pattern libraries and components so that engineers could be empowered to make decisions without the need for continuous design oversight.

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